Vehicles/Car Background Replacement Service

Hey, do you like to change the background of your favorite car? Sometimes for business purposes, we do the photoshoot for the cars in open spaces and then it needs photo editing service for commercial purposes. We are from Car Photo Editing Limited and providing you high-quality car photo editing services. In this article, we will discuss “Car background replacement service”. Let’s explore this service and know the details.

car-background -replacement service

What is the background replacement service?

It is known as a popular clipping path service that is using for changing the object background. The product could be anything from our real-life like any car, eCommerce product, shopping bag, grocery item, vehicle, furniture, etc. Sometimes we are making it a transparent background or change it in a white background depending on your needs. If you need some other photo background for commercial purposes, then we will do that for you. Some people love to add their company template to the images and it could be their logo, title, or any brand name. If you do have a template of your own, then we can also add that for you. No worries we will add any kind of background depending on your needs.

Is it necessary? | Car background replacement

There are different types of background is available for the car it may be your company background or any white background depending on the platform of your web version. The car images need to fully match the website template for showcasing their original beauty. It is needed to replace the image with an appropriate background. If you replace the car background with a bad background, certainly it will decrease the intensity of the image. Have a close look at this image! Here we have transferred it to a transparent background.


Figure: Car photo transparent Background

In many cases, it is needed to transform your image background to a transparent one but most of the cases, our clients want a white background of the car & it will smoothly match with any type of background. If you wish it is very much possible to add your company logo and brand name into the image. This process will also add extra significance to your company. When a potential customer will visit your official website he can know easily about your brand. If you do photo-shoot in an open place like in the road or front of any house and then you need to replace this background for adding it to the website. For business purposes, I believe yes, it is necessary and every company should take this service for the betterment of their business.

Figure: Changing the background of the car

How we do it? | Car background replacement service

Firstly, we take orders from our valuable clients. He needs to submit his photo-shoot images at our server or he can send it in any online platform like Google drive, dropbox, we transfer, etc. Our customer care manager will receive all those images and then he will send them to the photo editing team. Our expert quality control manager will look after all those images and he will check the photo editing quality. Your photo editing quality will be double-checked and we do not make any types of compromise with those tasks.

In the case of car background removal, our image editing process are

  • Find out the appropriate photo angle

Our graphics designers will research which one could be the right photo angle for us. It will help us to select this image accurately and then we can capture this image in a way that will highlight the main features of the image.

  • Cutting out the car 

Now, it’s time to cut the car image from the background and make it a separate image. We use a pen tool for the selection process. Our team is skilled in any kind of clipping path tasks and they will do that perfectly.  

  • Now set up the car into a new fresh background that is recommended from the client 

When the cutting process is complete then we will put it into a new background and try to adjust it with the background. If the background is not ready yet, then we will create the appropriate background for yourself.

  • Adjusting the perspective of the background 

It is seriously important to adjust here in every case. We will recheck that which position will suit you most then adjust this image with this edition.

  • Final check with the image settings and noise removal from the image

Finally, we will make the proper balance and do the beautification of the image. If we have found any noise within the image our team will fix that immediately. We will do all the beautification tasks and finally, make this image gorgeous for your clients.

Last few Words | Car Background Replacement Service

That’s all from us. If you do like to check our photo editing qualities, then please send us a free trial. It is completely free. We do not charge for it.